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Gram Abhiyan

URVEE Gram Abhiyan is a four point program designed by URVEE Public trust for the rural community and architecture students. This collaborative program aims to sensitize architecture students about sustainable building practices and community centric approach. At the same time we intent to create awareness amongst the rural population about alternative eco-friendly building solutions.


Five Day Settlement study

Comprehensive study of the village. Documentation of traditional building practices, settlement analysis, currently available materials, living conditions of the community and need assessment of the village.

URVEE Jagruti

One day awareness program

Awareness campaign in villages about sustainable, eco-friendly, economically viable, comfortable building solutions. We deliver the construction solution that is obtained after the Setu to the rural community.

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URVEE Anubhav

Hands-on experience

On-site training for architecture students on the live project of URVEE Vastu. Demonstrating these techniques to the rural community.


Live eco friendly project

Construction of model houses/public structures designed by Architecture students in coordination with village sarpanch, concerned local authorities and beneficiaries.