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Welcome to URVEE

URVEE is a group of conscious and responsible minds working ‘for a better tomorrow’. Our endeavor is to reach out to the villages in India and lend them a helping hand to develop holistically thus becoming self- sufficient and sustainable.

To begin with, URVEE has taken up the aspect of architecture and construction. Believing in and respecting traditional architectural techniques which have been used since ages, we aim at reviving vernacular architecture with a blend of advanced construction methods.

Thus, URVEE is focusing on Alternative Building Construction Techniques for the villages of India which are sustainable, durable, Eco-friendly and cost effective which give due respect to the context of the village.

Problem Statement

In the year 1993 a devastating earthquake took place in Latur, Maharashtra. Although the seismic waves were experienced by many regions, it was only in Latur that nearly 10,000 people died because the buildings fell on them. This happened because of the lack of professional structural guidance while building houses. This is just one of the many incidents where the lack of a well-built house has caused loss of life.

In India almost 60% of the population lives in rural areas out of which 30% does not have a proper house. These villagers are deprived of their basic need of shelter because of the high construction costs.

It is possible to build a safe, durable house using Eco-friendly materials like mud, stone, bamboo and much more. Every village has a different climate and requires different solutions. The mindset of the people does not accept this fact. A blend of advanced structural technology and traditional materials and skills is necessary.

In place of focusing on the number of houses built for the needy, concentration must be on their quality and sustainability. Constructing concrete blocks to provide shelter for them is not the solution. One must understand that, what they need is a livable ‘home’.

Solution from URVEE

URVEE team reaches the underdeveloped villages, studies and analyzes them in detail and provides them with construction solutions which are suitable for their context. These techniques are sustainable, durable, eco-friendly and cost- effective. We provide this technology along with training to the local masons/contractors.

Simultaneously we train young architects/engineers on site for them to get on-site experience and understand the ground reality. We aim at orienting these young minds towards sustainability in construction which will facilitate them to take responsible decisions in their profession.

In order to materialize our vision, URVEE Public Trust conducts the following programs:

  • URVEE_Setu: This is a 5 day residential camp for youngsters. Youth from different career paths come here and conduct a detailed survey of the chosen village to find out the issues that need to be addressed. They also have an enjoyable experience of village life.


  • URVEE_Vastu: This involves a demo construction of a public building so that people of the village become aware that there is a sustainable eco friendly and cost effective alternative to the conventional expensive cement buildings.


  • URVEE_Jagruti: This is an awareness program regarding Alternative Building Construction technologies in nearby villages.


  • URVEE_Anubhav: This is a platform for hands-on learning experience for budding architects on the construction site with expert masons and architects.


To ensure that every villager in India has a safe house to live in that is designed appropriately respecting its traditional roots and in a sustainable manner with complete responsibility towards the environment. To see the architects and designers take responsibility for the environmental aspects of building materials + construction thus considering sustainable, Eco-friendly and cost-effective construction practices.


Reaching out to the villagers and professionals while making them aware about alternative sustainable, eco-friendly construction techniques and materials and providing them with the service needed for implementation.